Everyday Athlete

Everyday athletes

At Fouache Performance we have worked with a wide range of Everyday Athletes. From the more common weight loss or increasing fitness, to Extremely Specific and Life Changing goals that are much more in-depth and significant.

Just some examples of who we have worked with:

We have helped a number of Diabetes sufferers to improve nutrition and increase lean muscle to help to Stabilise Blood Sugar Levels.

Worked with multiple Everyday Athletes that have suffered with differing types of Depression, using Exercise and Mindset work to complement each individual’s medical professionals advice and interventions.

We have helped a client Lose Body Fat to improve health so she could Conceive and Carry a Pregnancy Full Term. This worked fantastically well and there is now a beautiful baby girl called Nell to show for it.

FP have Rehabilitated multiple Everyday Athletes with serious Fractures, Breaks and Dislocations back to full use, working closely with physiotherapists and medical professionals.

We have worked with dozens of children and adults with Neurological Conditioning such as Cerebral Palsy and Strokes. Successes include helping children go from being wheelchair bound to completely ambulant, bouncing on trampolines, playing football and even ice-skating. For this work Dean was recognised with the award of United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year in 2014.

I have been training with Dean for over 6 months now and every session has been a real pleasure. Dean has pushed me out of my comfort zone by introducing new and challenging exercises with each session. After injuring myself, Dean was able to liaise with my Physiotherapist and put in place an agreed rehab program to get me back to full function.

Dr Laura Jackson

Athletes categories

At Fouache Performance we group our athletes in three distinct categories:

Development Athletes

Athletes with less than two full years of structured training. This stage focuses on the athlete learning the fundamental of Strength and Conditioning.

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Performance Athletes

Athletes with 3+ years of structured training, focusing on the athlete training to directly impact performance in a positive way by getting stronger, faster, and more powerful.

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Everyday Athletes

Athletes who are training to improve the quality of their lives. This could be a 5km run, getting stronger or continuing to train after a professional career.