Fouache Performance has put together the most advanced and comprehensive Karting Athlete Development program available.


Welcome to KAD

The ONLY training program worldwide aimed solely at the physical development of Karting Athletes.

This project incorporates the latest in Long Term Athletic Development Research & Youth Physical Development models to create a complete Physical Training solution for Karting Athletes age 7+.

KAD is an Age & Ability specific training program with levels ranging from Pre-foundation to Elite.

A progressive Tier based system where an Athlete can only progress up through the Tiers once they have been assessed and show competence in a range of key physical areas

About the founder

Karting Athlete Development was founded by Award Winning Performance Coach Dean Fouache. With more than 15 years experience working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Elite Sport at National, International & Commonwealth Level, Dean is one of the most experienced Elite Coaches within the United Kingdom.

Over the last 7 years Dean has concentrated on providing Performance Coaching & Race Support at the highest levels of Motorsports.

He has worked with former F1 World Champion Jenson Button, former Ferrari F1 runner up Rubens Barrichello, Nio 333Formula-E driver Dan Ticktum & 9 times British Karting Champion Ben Barnicoat.

Dean’s current role is as a Performance Coach working within the Alpine F1 Academy overseeing the Physical Development of Alpine F1 Academy and Formula 2 driver Olli Caldwell.

Dean has amassed a wealth of experience in Single Seater, Sports Car, Prototype and Kart Racing.

Dean is the only Motorsports Performance Coach worldwide to have received the Highly Prestigious Award, Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year (2014 – Youth Sport) by the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association.

Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach – United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association.

PgD in Strength & Conditioning – Cardiff Metropolitan University.

2022 Physical Performance Coach with the Alpine F1 Academy.

Currently working with dozens of Karters who between them have multiple British & International Karting Titles.

The KAD programs

The KAD project aims to cover every Physical element required to compete at the top level of Karting and prepare our Athletes for the transition to Single Seater Racing.

These include –

  • Research Based Physical Training Programs
  • Nutrition Education
  • Sleep & Recovery Education
  • Vision Training
  • Well Being Tasks
  • Skill Acquisition Tasks

& More …

Physical Training

When we analyse the Physical Loads and External Forces a Karting Athlete has to tolerate over Race weekend, it is clear that a structured Specific Athlete Development program can be of great benefit.

With most Karting competitions being made up of multiple Heats before a Final, it is paramount that each Karter has high levels of  Aerobic Capability (Fitness) & Strength, not only to perform, but also to recover optionally.

It has been shown that a Karters Heart Rate can average at around 85% of Max for each Heat or Race. This added up over the course of a highly competitive race weekend can cause high levels of Fatigue and drop in Performance.

With average Helmet weights of 1.2-1.5kg painted, a Karters Neck can be exposed to G-Force of above 2.2g. This equates to the Helmet pulling on the Neck equivalent to a 7.5lb weight on High G cornering, acceleration, braking etc. This accumulative load can be huge over a Heat, Race or complete weekend.

This simple analysis shows that Karting is an extremely physically demanding sport which requires specific & structured training for a Karting Athlete to perform at their best.

6 Tier Long Term Athletic Development curriculum spanning from Pre-foundations Athletes (7yrs+) through to Elite level Karters making the transition into Car Racing.

Options for Zoom training (which allows for training to be delivered worldwide) and/or App based programming sent directly to the parent or Karters Smart Phone.

Options for 1 to 1 or Group based sessions. Maximum of 5 karters in any group session which keeps each Karters individual contact time high.

To progress up through the Tier system each Karter will be assessed on their individual abilities by one of the KAD Team.

Training sessions incorporate Strength, Balance, Co-ordination, Stability, Agility, Rhythm & Conditioning components.

Karting specific training such as age and ability appropriate Neck & Trunk training & Pre-Drive Warm-Ups.

Progress is Tracked every 8 weeks.


If you have ever visited a Karting Track, you will understand that the food available is a far cry from Performance Nutrition.

As we all know Pies, Pizza, Burgers, Chocolate Bars, Crisps and Fizzy Drinks don’t fuel the body to perform at its best.

On the KAD program we work with The Edge Human Performance Lab (Nutrition consultants for George Russell and Esteban Ocon) to give Parents & Karters the knowledge to make sensible, evidence-based decisions on what & when to eat to maximise Energy, Concentration & Stamina at the Track, School and at Home.

Poor Nutrition Habits have been shown to lead to increased Health Issues, increased Behaviour Problems & decreased Academic Learning potential.

We think you’ll agree that if some small changes to your nutrition can help to improve these areas it would be well worth the effort.

Options to have Individual Nutritional Analysis with our KAD Nutritionists from The Edge HPL.

Access to Monthly Nutrition Workshops run by The Edge Human Performance Lab – These are a mixture of Presentations and Practical Tasks – Roughly 45 mins with an extra 15 mins for Q & A.

These sessions are aimed at making sure every Athlete on the KAD program is fuelled to compete at the highest level.

Access to our Fuel like a Champion PDF recipe book every month.

Access to the KAD Nutrition private Instagram page for advice on recipes, healthy snacks etc which is updated weekly.

Access to the KAD /the Edge HPL Hydration PDF.

Sleep & Recovery

With some young Karters Testing and Racing over 100 days a year it’s vital they understand the importance of recovery.

Racing, travel, schoolwork, relationships, Sim sessions, exams, physical training, sports etc all add to our daily, weekly & monthly stress.  If we don’t have a clear plan on how we cope with this accumulation performance can decrease dramatically.

High Life Stress + High Racing/Training Stress = Burnout Out, Injury or lack of Motivation.

Recovery itself can take many forms – Getting outside in nature for some fresh air, active recovery like a swim or steady bike ride, a short stretching routine or an afternoon nap.

At KAD we believe that Sleeping is a Skill. Possibly the most important Skill you will ever learn, and we will teach you how to maximise and improve the quality of every night’s sleep, leading to huge improvements in overall recovery.

KAD will give you all the information you will need to manage Stress and Recover so you can perform at your very best.

Access to Monthly Sleep and Recovery Workshops – Topics covered include Sleep Hygiene, Breath Work, Reflective Practice & Physical Recovery Protocols to name just a few.

Assess to our 11 Step Better Sleep PDF.

Assess to our 100 Point Recovery System PDF.

Monthly Sleep & Recovery tasks to complete – If the task is completed then you will be entered into a quiz draw at the end of each month.

Vision Training

With 85% of the information transmitted to the brain being Visual, our brains value Visual information over any other type. This coupled with the obvious demands of Karting, understanding where you are on track, who’s around you on track, the correct lines to take & where you hit the apex of a corner etc it’s seems obvious, if we are not training our Vision we are missing a vital component of overall performance. Specific Vision Training can help to improve Visual Acuity, Depth Perception, Focus, Object Tracking & Reaction Times to name just a few! We think you’ll agree these are Paramount qualities for any Motorsport Athlete. At KAD our Vision Masterclasses are built and delivered by Dr Zöe Wimshurst Phd who has work on the Visual Training and Assessment of Lando Norris, Max Verstappen and Alex Albon. Dr Zöe was the first person in the UK to hold a PhD in Visual Performance in Athletes.

Well-being & Skill Acquisition

I think we can agree that as an Athlete in any sport you can never be overly Coordinated, Athletic or have overly developed Visual skills.

At KAD we give our Karters Monthly Tasks to master which fulfil a variety of different areas – Hand-Eye Coordination, Dexterity, Balance, Discipline, Patience and Achievement.  If the Karter masters the Task, then he or she will be entered into the prize draw once again.

Tasks include learning how to Juggle, setting Screen Time limits on Smart Phones & Tablets and learning to Skip to name just a few.

Q & A with Motorsport Athletes

At KAD we believe that giving our Karters an opportunity to interact with their Role Models can have a hugely positive impact on their level of motivation and engagement.

With this in mind, we came up with the idea of Q & A’s.  Every quarter as part of the KAD program each of our Karters & their family will be invited to a Question & Answer session with a High-Level Motorsports Athlete

Q & A’s give the Karters a chance to ask anything they like to a Top-Level Driver regarding Racing, Training, Nutrition, Tracks etc.

Each Karter will be asked to think of 3 questions to ask the guest and will have the opportunity to ask more on the night.

Guests lined up include Drivers from F2, F3, Formula E, World Endurance Championship & more!

Training Camps

Training Camps are a fantastic way to build a sense of Teamwork & Achievement.

Camps will consist of fully coached Individual or Group Training sessions within a Private Gym in Exeter, Devon.

Nutrition Lessons including Food Preparation & Cooking.

Hikes on Dartmoor, one of the most isolated areas within the UK & guaranteed to get the Karters out of their comfort zone!

Other activities available on Training Camps include, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Go-Ape, MMA Training, Bouldering, Squash & Racketball, …….

Wild Swimming/Cold Water Immersion Recovery – This research is a proven way of aiding both Mental & Physical Recovery. It’s also another brilliant way to take the Karters completely out of their comfort zone!

SOMA - Brain Endurance Training


Soma NPT is a cognitive performance app that can be used to increase an athletes physical and mental capacity. Soma NPT is used extensively in professional sport and the military for performance enhancement and by multiple universities for research in:

  • Mental Fatigue
  • Brain Endurance Training (BET)
  • Concussion
  • Mental Toughness

The 70 + cognitive tasks inside Soma NPT are primarily touch screen but also include accelerometer, voice command and heart rate tasks. 

Soma NPT has been proven to:

  • Create a larger capacity for mental and physical fatigue
  • Increase ability to focus
  • Enable an athlete to work harder for longer
  • Reduced perception of effort
  • Increase accuracy
  • Increase mental toughness
  • Speeds up response speed & decision making

Packages we offer

Platinum KAD

£ 499 00
(per month, from)
  • Physical Training
  • Nutrition Education
  • Sleep & Recovery Training
  • Vision Training
  • Skill Tasks
  • Invites
  • Discounts

Gold KAD

£ 299 00
(per month, from)
  • Physical Training
  • Nutrition Education
  • Sleep Recovery
  • Vision Training
  • Skill Tasks

Silver KAD

£ 199 00
(per month, from)
  • Physical Training
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep & Recovery
  • Vision Training
  • Skill Tasks

Bronze KAD

£ 99 00
(per month, from)
  • Physical Training
  • Nutrition Education
  • Skill Tasks

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