Working with some of the best motor racing drivers in the World.

Dean has amassed a wealth of experience whilst working with some of the best Motor Racing Drivers and Teams in the World. He has held the position of Head of Human Performance with Teams racing in the World Endurance Championship (WEC), Blancpain GT, World Intercontinental Challenge and British Superbikes.  He has also worked with Customer Racing Teams backed by Mercedes AMG and Mclaren GT, as well as drivers within the Williams F1 and Alpine F1 Academy set ups.

Dean has provided Performance Coaching and Race Support for drivers including former F1 World Champion Jenson Button, former Ferrari F1 runner up Rubens Barrichello, Nio 333 Formula-E driver Dan Ticktum and 9 times British Karting Champion Ben Barnicoat.

Fouache Performance also work with several first-class driver management companies which include Infinity Sports Management (George Russell F1, Olli Caldwell F2, Frank Bird GT Masters) and Elite Driver Management (multiple British, European and World Karting Champions) to name just two.

**2022 is set to be Fouache Performances most successful year to date! 

Dean will oversee all non-car related areas for Alpine F1 Academy and Formula 2 driver Olli Caldwell in his rookie F2 season. These areas include Physical Training and Mental Endurance preparation, Vision Training, Nutrition and Hydration strategies, Sleep and Recovery protocols, as well as Health, Rehab and Reconditioning.

We will also continue our support for the fourth season with Frank Bird in his assault on the ADAC GT Masters in Germany, arguably the highest level of GT Racing in the world.

In 2022 Fouache Performance will continue its support of the most successful British Super Bike Team of all time, PBM MCE Ducati and one of their riders, 2 x British Super Bike Champion Josh Brookes.

Fouache Performance’s latest project the Karting Athlete Development programme is focused on providing physical performance training to the Motor Racing stars of the future, Karters.  Just a few of the incredibly successful Karter’s on our pathway include Macauley Bishop, Ollie Greenall, Zac Drummond, Jenson Graham and Cole Denholm

Motorsport Performance Coaching

Driver Race Support

Race support allows drivers to perform at the highest level over a race duration by optimising the drivers preparation and recovery before and after stints.

This could include :

  • Soft tissue/sports massage work
  • Individual driver hydration strategies – it is well documented in research that Dehydration can impair cognitive performance making staying hydrated over a race week absolutely imperative
  • Individual driver nutrition strategies – to improve recovery between stints, mental and physical energy
  • Pre race/stint warm ups – specific driver warm-ups aimed at activating musculature, mobilising joints and optimising co-ordination
  • Recovery protocols – these can include individual sleep and nap protocols to improve mental and physical energy, cool vests or ambient temperature recovery pools to help with the body’s ability to cope with the heat

Motorsports Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching covers all areas of optimising a drivers performance. From specific strength and conditioning, nutrition and hydration strategies, sleep and recovery, injury prevention and psychological well-being.

All areas of performance can be tracked to make sure you are at the very top of your game exactly at the right time.

Pit Crew Performance Training

It is now well known that F1 and other formula Motor Racing teams are providing their Pit Crews with Physical Training to improve performance. The stronger and fitter the pit crew are helps to decrease the likelihood of injury and has the capacity to greatly improve Pit Stop times and consistency.

Full Team Support

Team Support allows all members of the race team access to support over the course of a race.

This could include :

  • Injury management – as a mechanic/pit crew you will regularly have to perform heavy lifting of wheels etc either at pace or in awkward positions. With this in mind injuries will happen, the key is how they are treated immediately and the aftercare of the individual in question
  • Nutrition, hydration, sleep and travel guidelines to keep the whole team high in both physical and mental energy
  • Performance supplementation to help the team stay healthy and free of coughs and colds etc, aid energy levels and avoid periods of low concentration

Drivers we have worked with

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