Trainfit Gym in Exeter

Exeter’s Premier Gym

Exeter’s premier independent gym, owned and run by ex-professional athletes, featuring large open spaces to use as you please and state of the art equipment like Watt Bikes, Curve Treadmill, Normatec Recovery Area and more. TrainFit caters for everyone from professional athletes, weekend warriors and novices at the start of their gym going journey.

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Pro Athlete Supplementation

Pro Athlete Supplementation

Pro Athlete Supplementation was formed as a result of a successful winning partnership between Jon Williams, BSc, WRU National Squad Nutritionist and Darren Campbell, MBE, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist. Jon was responsible for Darren’s nutrition during the last 10 years of his career where he amassed his gold and silver medals. At the time when Darren was close to retirement Jon suggested that they form a company to develop the most effective sports nutrition products for professional athletes, football and rugby players. Hence PAS was formed.

Providing athletes with products to enhance their recovery and performance was our starting point.


Formulation over Price
Advice before Sales
Become Number 1 Choice for Performance Nutrition in UK

Athlete safety was always a priority. PAS is fully committed to the Informed Sport Testing Protocol and we batch screen every product we produce. Please see for more information.

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Walero Temperature Regulating Race Wear

Walero temperature regulating base layers

Walero temperature regulating base layers have been scientifically designed by drivers, for drivers! 

Our race-wear utilises a NASA developed technology, Outlast® , to help regulate the body’s core temperature, reduce perspiration rates and even the hearts BPM. This minimises the strain put on the body, resulting in lower levels of fatigue and enhanced driver performance.

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Firefly Recovery Device

Firefly time efficient electronic device

The innovative firefly™ device is a simple, convenient and time efficient electronic device designed for athletes to accelerate sports recovery after exercise and minor injury.

Portable with no leads or wires and worn behind the knee, the firefly™ device delivers painless electrical impulses to gently activate the muscles of the lower leg to increase blood circulation.

Hydrorace Motorsports Water Bottles

Hydrorace drinks bottles

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend racer, Hydrorace drinks bottles keep you hydrated.

Originally designed for motorsport use, Hydrorace drinks bottles can be fully customised to your brand, activate your partnerships and celebrate your collaborations.