sports rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and Reconditioning

At Fouache Performance we have extensive experience in the End Stage Rehabilitation and Reconditioning of a vast array of Sports and Non-Sport based Injuries. Working in close conjunction with your Medical Team (Doctors, Consultants, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapist etc) we will devise, program and implement a Stage by Stage Rehabilitation, Reconditioning and Return to Performance strategy.

Fouache Performance believe that simply “Returning to Play” is not the final component of the rehabilitation journey, merely one of the steps on the ladder. We believe the final outcome should always be “Returning to Optimal Performance”.

Just a few of the Injuries we have experience with are:

  • Dislocations/Subluxations
  • Ligament/Tendon Ruptures
  • Muscle Tears Sprains/Strains
  • Fractures & Breaks Concussions
  • Tendonitis Back conditions/issues

Fouache Performance have helped in the Rehab and Reconditioning of World Class Athletes from Rugby Union, Rugby League, Fencing, Kite Surfing, Tennis, Boxing & MMA to name just a few!



TOM BRIDGE – Red Bull Kite Surfer

Tom came to FP after having a Knee operation to repair a Meniscus tear (2021) and after breaking his leg Fibular (2022). In conjunction with Action Sport Solutions and Red Bull we devised a step-by-step rehab and reconditioning program to get Tom back in the water and performing at the highest level.


CHRIS VITALINI –Italian Rugby League International

Chris came to FP after he ruptured his ACL whilst on international duty in Italy. Using advanced techniques such as Blood Flow restriction and a carefully devised strength and conditioning program Chris was back playing in 7 months.** Chris is in Blue. 


ELLIOT FREWEN –Wales 7’s International Rugby International

Elliot Frewen –Wales 7’s International Rugby International Elliot came to FP after having a full shoulder reconstruction. In conjunction with the Elliot’s Medical and Physiotherapy team we designed a full Rehab and Return to Performance protocol. In 4 months Elliot was back playing for his Club. 

ben barnicoat

BEN BARNICOAT – Professional Racing Driver at Maclaren GT & 9x British Karting Champion

Ben was involved in a highspeed crash in Monza Italy. After being checked over by the medical team it was established that Ben had a grade 2 sprain of his MCL on his right knee. Working with Harris and Ross physiotherapy we devised a fast-track Rehab and Reconditioning program to get Ben able to race at Silverstone 5 weeks later. 

christian iddon

CHRISTIAN IDDON –British Super Bike Rider at PBM Vision Track Ducati

Christian came to FP after a heavy crash at Snetterton, England. In conjunction with Action Sport Solutions we were able to get Christian assessed, an MRI scan and build a return to performance plan which resulted in Christian riding at the next race 2 weeks later.