Resistance Bands Set


The set includes:

1 x Yellow Band: 2080mm*6mm*4.5mm/81.9*0.23*0.2in/60g/2.12oz/5-15lbs

1 x Red Band: 2080mm*13mm*4.5mm/81.9*0.5*0.2in/101g/3.57oz/15-35lbs

1 x Black Band: 2080*22*4.5mm/81.9*0.9*0.2in/187g/6.6oz/25-65lbs



HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our resistance bands are made of 100% natural latex which makes them safe and durable. This means our resistance bands give you a range of flexibility while maintaining high quality and durability.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Our resistance bands can be used for a range of different fitness activities. They are effective in strength training, yoga, powerlifting and can be used for stretching your entire body.

VERSATILITY: Our resistance bands will ensure you get the best workout possible; you can take them anywhere you go and have access to a variety of workouts on the go! Our resistant bands are perfect for adding intensity to your workouts, while still giving you the flexibility to choose from a variety of levels.